Awards overview

Set up in 2015 by READatChina, REARD® Real Estate Star Design Award 

( REARDesign Award) is closely linked to the forefront of real estate development 

and committed to promote real estate design innovation. By the accurate research

on the design direction of the latest market attention , the REARDesign Award set

up the related category. It is also dedicated to the new trend of the real estate industry 

and the depth of excavation. It is the first one to set up "city renewal" category awards 

of real estate.

Design experts and practitioners from global, Chinese estate designer, estate planners,

management and academic media professionals get together to form a strong jury. The

REARDesign Award has become the focus of global design and great influence “Oscar 

Awards” due to its authoritative judges, strict evaluation process and open evaluation mode.

It is pure

For its pure and new design criteria of the real estate community

It is innovative

For its category and award setting leads industry

REARD star Rui Aite Design Committee

Guest international judges

Professional angle judge

Xu Leiqng

Cai Riming

Hu Jianhong

Peng Yang

Sun Lanlan

Guo Qiwei

Wen Fang

Tian Jinsong

Xia Guoyue

Li Jianzhong

Liu Hailing

Interior angle judge

Patrick Fong

Claudya Piazera

Carol R. Bentel

Niels Peter Flint

Xu Lingzhi



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Participating institutions

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